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BalkanMed E-Business Pages project – BalkanMed e-BP, Ref. No BMP1/1.1/2608/2017

Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg V-B Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020

Programme Priority Axis: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective: Competitive Territories

Project Website:

Project Duration: 01-08-2017 – 31-07-2019

Lead Partner: Human Resources Development Agency

Project Partners: Hellenic Management Association
Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry
GAUSS Institute – Foundation for New Technologies, Innovations and Knowledge Transfer
Centre for Competitiveness Promotion

Project Budget: EUR 717 588,50

The BalkanMed e-BP project tackles the common challenges of the eligible area with regard to the distinct economic disparities in the region, the relatively low business competitiveness as compared to other European territories, the market fragmentation and the necessity for a better integration of the socioeconomic links between the involved countries. The project’s main goal is to enhance the competitiveness of the exporting SMEs in the BalkanMed region through development of conditions for expanding the transnational collaboration. The specific project objectives are:

– To encourage the exchange of business information among the BalkanMed SMEs;
– To facilitate the cooperation and technology transfer processes in the eligible areas;
– To develop digital tools for enhancing the integration of the local markets.

The project’s visible and tangible outputs which will be jointly developed and implemented by the partners will be:

1) One BalkanMed E-Business pages platform providing information on exporting SMEs companies’ associations and clusters in the BalkanMed region

2) Four informative and giving practical advice tools in support of SMEs’ competitiveness
– Analysis of the export industries for SMEs, the existing associations and clusters and the possibilities for cooperation
– Handbook with good practices from existing clusters and implemented technology transfer examples
– Cluster development e-guide
– Technology transfer e-guide

3) Five seminars with representatives of the business – one in each partner country

The project implementation will result in a new platform and tools for transnational business cooperation which are unique for the BalkanMed region and will open up new opportunities for integrated regional development and collaboration. The project completion will contribute to enhancing SMEs’ competitiveness, will provide more employment and business opportunities and establish conditions for local communities to benefit from the created added value.

The project is co-funded by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries.


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