The main project objective is to provide opportunities for quality employment to vulnerable young people at poverty risk such as orphans, that are out of social protection facilities at the age of 18 without any possibility to continue in high education or enroll for additional out – of – school courses due to financial reasons, children of working poor people, young people in rural areas, single parent young people, minority groups young graduates. The specific project objective is to develop and implement a training program for specialized digital competences, such as digital design, graphics, 3D animation, game design for these young people that otherwise cannot afford to obtain hi-tech knowledge due to restrictions coming from their financial situation. The project strives to achieve this through developing, equipment and piloting of the program with involvement of actors at different level – business supporting organizations with focus on creative industries, organizations for psychological and social help and youth organizations.

For this purpose, the Human Resources Development Agency, that is the leading project partner, will purchase and equip an office for training of specific digital competencies such as graphic design, graphics, 3D animation and other computer competences. A platform for motivational and psychological help will also be created. The project`s main result is a developed and piloted training program to boost target groups` access to acquiring specialized competences for employability and self – esteem as well as providing a new perspective to learning interactions and problem solving.

The project “CODE – Competence Opportunities for Digital Employment” is implemented under EEA and Norway grants Fund for youth employment together with 7 partners from Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Italy and Estonia.

The total amount of the project is 2 314 015 euro and the project duration is 3 years.

The team of the Latvian partner – Foundation submitted the project application for the competition, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia in cooperation with the Agency of International Youth programs, the Association of Latvian Municipalities and the Association of Latvian Youth Council.

On December 28, 2020 CODE project was named the „Bravest Project“ by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia.

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