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Methodology for Online Training in Innovative Virtual


Project MOTIVE – Methodology for Online Training in Innovative Virtual Environment
aims to create innovative conditions for improving the quality of teaching in an online
The project is implemented together with 4 organizations from Iceland, Spain, Greece
and Cyprus and it is directed towards teachers in secondary and higher education,
vocational training centres for vocational education and training, education management
The main goal of the project is to create and put into practice a common methodology
for organizing and managing online learning that covers the fundamental aspects of
teaching in a digital environment, namely: setting and achieving correct educational
goals, proper selection of methods for pedagogical communication, including online
classroom management, conducting a learning process (theoretical and practical part),
oriented towards measurable results, as well as planning and providing the necessary
resources for the specific training. The indicated characteristics of the online training,
which will be covered in the methodology, are the minimum necessary ones that the
teachers should use when conducting the online training.
As a result of the project, innovative models for conducting online training and
motivational videos will be created and implemented, the possibilities for organizing and
conducting online training will be improved, the quality of the educational process
conducted in a digital environment will be increased.
The project is implemented under Erasmus+.