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The Human Resources Development Agency (HRDA) is a non-profit association, established in  2004 in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria and working towards development and recognition of civil  society, science and technologies in North Central Planning Region of Bulgaria encompassing the  districts of Ruse, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Silistra and Razgrad. HRDA elaborates strategies and  innovative approaches to respond to the dynamics of the labour market and develop the capacity of  human resources. It participates in partnership initiatives for development of adult business  training programs, conducts research and implements strategies for active measures on labour  market and re-integration of minority groups in rural areas.  

The Agency’s members participate in regional working groups and committees for elaboration of  regional development plans and strategies for 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 programming periods.  Representatives of HRDA have been actively engaged in the development of Bulgaria’s  Operational Programmes for the 2014-2020 programming period. The agency is a member with  voting powers in the Monitoring committees of three Operational Programmes for the 2014-2020  programming period.  

Since its establishment HRDA participates in numerous projects and initiatives in the social field,  the filed of education and training, tourism, innovations, etc. and funds a large number of its  activities with the Agency’s own resources. The organization relies on a team of experts with  different backgrounds and diverse expertise.  

HRDA actively partners at regional level with the largest information and consultancy business  support network in Europe – the Enterprise Europe Network. HRDA is also the first Bulgarian  organization to become a member of the European Social Action Network in 2010.  


HRDA has elaborated and/or managed the following projects:  

 In 2021 started the project VRAR project „Learn and Work Easy in Virtual and Augmented  reality“ is implemented by HRDA in partnership with organizations and companies from  Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus and Latvia. The project envisages the preparation of a  methodology with guidelines for job seekers or those wishing to become entrepreneurs in  the field of virtual and augmented reality, a manual and video clips with instructions for  working with the technique used by the experts in the field. The project is financed under  the Erasmus + program.  

To follow the progress of the project as well as its results, follow Project Facebook page and website 

 In 2018 started the project Competence Opportunities for Digital Employment –  Competencies for Digital Employment. The project is implemented under the Youth  Employment Program of the European Economic Community and the Norwegian Grant  Fund with seven other partners from Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Estonia and Greece.  – The project costs EUR 2 314 015 of which EUR 392 761.30 for ARRD, with a three-year  implementation period until 01.09.2021. 


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 In 2017 started the implementation of the project BALKANMED E-BP BALKANMED E BP Project BMP1 / 1.1 / 2608/2017, funded under the “INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean  2014-2020”. Project amount € 770,000 of which 217 610.00 for HRDA. The project  duration is until 01.07.2019.  

 In 2017 started the implementation of the project DANube Urban Brand – a regional  network building through tourism and education to strengthen the “Danube” cultural  identity and solidarity DTP1-1-249-2.2, funded under the Interreg Danube Transnational  Programme. Project amount 2,703,844.00 € and project duration until 06/2019. The  DANUrB cultural network aims to strengthen the Danube regional cultural identity and to  create a common brand by fostering transnational cultural ties between the settlements  along the Danube, and by exploring the unused or hidden cultural and social capital  resources for a better economic and cultural return.  


 In 2013 HRDA developed and managed the “E-business Pages – Creation of a Cross Border E-Business Portal” project under the CBC Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007- 2013. The project goal was to develop a database containing information for small and  medium enterprises from the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region. A website in 4  languages was created containing detailed information for companies, non-governmental  organizations and public bodies and enabling advanced search on the basis of pre-set  criteria.The project website has currently over 800 registered  profiles from Bulgarian and Romanian legal entities.  

 In 2012 HRDA took part in the elaboration of the “Common Strategy for Sustainable  Territorial Development of the Cross-border Area Romania-Bulgaria” project under  the CBC Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013 with a project coordinator the Ministry  of Regional Development and Tourism of Romania. The project goal was to support the  development of the new CBC programme Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020. HRDA elaborated  the project in its ‘Education and Sociodemography” part. The agency’s main  responsibilities included development of a detailed analysis of educational policies and  structures in the cross-border region and elaboration of recommendations for development  of impact measures in the sociodemographic sphere.  

 In 2009 experts from HRDA took part in the development of „TourNet” project under the  CBC Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013 for creation of tools for supporting cross border business tourism development. The current state of cross-border tourism industry  was analyzed within the project, opportunities for development of tourism-related services  were studied and relevant European experience and practices for development of travel and  tourism sector were investigated and evaluated. The project was elaborated by Business  Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises, Ruse, Bulgaria (BSCSME-Ruse) and  was finalized in 2012. 


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 In 2007 experts from HRDA took part in the development of “Capacity Building for  Actions on Environment Development and “Green” Effectiveness (CBAEDGE)” project with “Environment” Association. The project involved study of good environmental  practices and pollution reduction, deployment of environmental standards and their  implementation in Bulgaria. The project was approved by the Environment Directorate 

General of the European Commission.  

 In 2006 contract № BG 2004006- was concluded between HRDA and the  Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Bulgaria for “Creation of Agricultural Support  Centre in Slivo Pole Municipality” under BG2004006-070.05.01 “Integration of Ethnic  Minorities in the Labour Market” programme. For the project elaboration the agency’s  experts utilized European practices for integration of minority groups by means of training  and subsequent employment secured through a specialized agricultural cluster.  

 In 2006 HRDA jointly with BSCSME-Ruse developed ‘Junior’ project for establishment  of a pilot model to support business ideas of young entrepreneurs within Incubator Junior of  ‘Angel Kanchev’ University of Ruse. During the project implementation HRDA created a  small revolving fund in benefit of creative young people, assisted them in the elaboration of  their business plans, provided financing for their ideas and business management support.  The experience gained within the project served as a basis for development of a self 

employment strategy for young people.  

 In 2006 HRDA developed and was awarded a project for issuance of a weekly newspaper  titled “The Voice of Ruse” and devoted to the forthcoming, at that time, EU accession of  Bulgaria. The newspaper published articles related to European legislation, opportunities  that would arise following Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, development of civil society,  etc.  

 In 2005 HRDA initiated creation of a public-private partnership between marginalized  groups and Municipality of Ivanovo to facilitate the inclusion of these groups and find  solution to their problems. A project was elaborated and approved by a Social Investment  Fund whose representatives conducted on-the-spot check to acquaint themselves with  project beneficiaries’ needs.  


 In 2021 the Project MOTIVE – Methodology for Online Training in Innovative Virtual  Environment aims to create innovative conditions for improving the quality of teaching in  an online environment. 


7000 Ruse, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 896544583  

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The project is implemented together with 4 organizations from Iceland, Spain, Greece and  Cyprus and it is directed towards teachers in secondary and higher education, vocational  training centres for vocational education and training, education management experts.  

The main goal of the project is to create and put into practice a common methodology for  organizing and managing online learning that covers the fundamental aspects of teaching in  a digital environment, namely: setting and achieving correct educational goals, proper  selection of methods for pedagogical communication, including online classroom  management, conducting a learning process (theoretical and practical part), oriented  towards measurable results, as well as planning and providing the necessary resources for  the specific training. The indicated characteristics of the online training, which will be  covered in the methodology, are the minimum necessary ones that the teachers should use  when conducting the online training.  

 In 2017 the „Danube Ecotourism“ ROBG-164 under the programme „INTERREG V-A  Romania-Bulgaria“ Transnational Cooperation Program 2014-2020. Project amount – 735  766.45 Euro, of which 207 155,03 Euros for HRDA. Project duration is until 01.08.2019.  

 In 2016 HRDA started the implementation of the DANube Urban Brand Project – a  Regional Network Building through Tourism and Education to Strengthen the „Danube“  Cultural Identity and Solidarity under the Danube 2014-2020 Transnational Cooperation  Program. Project amount – 2 560 939,00 euro, of which EUR 86,000.0 for HRDA. Project  duration is until 01.08.2019.  

 In 2012 HRDA partnered BSCSME-Ruse within “Online Ecotourism Guide” project  funded by the Danube Competence Centre and GTZ. The project goals were to support  preservation of biodiversity in the Danube regions of Bulgaria and Romania, to increase  tourism competitiveness and attractiveness in the Danube regions and to improve local  capacities for sustainable tourism management. HRDA’s responsibilities involved  conduction of training for local tourism stakeholders 

 In 2009 HRDA was a partner in “European Manager for Export and Import (EmfEI)” project under the Lifelong Learning – Leonardo da Vinci Programme. The agency’s  responsibilities within the project included conduction of qualification training, utilization  of common training methodology for export marketing and organization of certification  process in Bulgaria. The project coordinator was LEB Bildungsstаtte, Germany and project  partners were organizations from Spain, France, Romania and Bulgaria. HRDA was the  only project partner which successfully transformed the training plan received from the  German partner into an e-learning platform, thus impressing foreign partners and  representatives of ‘Angel Kanchev’ University of Ruse.  

 In 2009 HRDA partnered within “VISIBLE Validation Issues a Basis for Learning  Evaluation” project under the Lifelong Learning – Leonardo da Vinci Programme. The  project was implemented by the national Association of Regional Development Agencies  and Business Centres (BARDA) and HRDA was responsible for the project training in the  city of Ruse.  

 In 2007 HRDA participated in the implementation of project for establishment of an Adult  Training Centre to the ‘Penio Penev’ Professional High School on Construction, 


7000 Ruse, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 896544583  

40A Nikolaevska Str.    

Architecture and Geodesy in Ruse. The project was funded under PHARE Programme to  the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Bulgaria. HRDA’s responsibilities within the  project involved development of two new adult-training programmes – “Real Estate  Brokers” and “Building Renovation”.  

 In 2006 HRDA partnered BSCSME-Ruse within the business component of the World  Bank “Wetlands Restoration and Pollution Reduction” project. The project was funded  by the Austrian government and its goal was to support agricultural producers. The project  involved consulting and funding of agricultural producers including representatives of  minority groups, as well as training of beneficiaries in organic agriculture. HRDA’s main  responsibilities within the project included consulting, assistance in preparing business  plans for funding applications and further consultations for business development. The  project’s main beneficiaries were minority groups from Slivo Pole municipality. Over 250  agricultural producers have been consulted to date and 45 representatives of minorities  were granted financing. 


7000 Ruse, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 896544583  

40A Nikolaevska Str.    


HRDA has also participated in the following initiatives and projects: 

 Initiatives within the EU Strategy for the Danube Region – The chair of HRDA’s  Managing Board has voting powers in the Management Committee for Priority Area 9 of  the Danube Region Strategy  

 Development of Regional and Municipal Management Plans  

 ‘Give us a Chance’ project under PHARE Social Inclusion Programme jointly  implemented with ‘Bravery’ NGO, Ruse Regional Psychiatric Clinic and BSCSME-Ruse.  Immediately after its establishment in 2004 HRDA got involved as an associated partner in  this project targeting disadvantaged groups – people with disabilities, minority groups and  long-term unemployed. The chair of HRDA’s Managing Board was the project manager.  The agency’s main responsibilities included elaboration of methods of operation and  identification of people with disabilities and representatives of minorities capable of  contributing to achievement of project goals, organization of exhibitions of artists with  disabilities, as well asactivities for multiplying the project outcomes in other populated  areas outside the city of Ruse.  

 In 2005 HRDA participated in the preparation, initiation and subsequent consultations within  a project for production of handmade souvenirs by people with disabilities and retired  persons in the city of Svishtov. The project was approved by BSCSME-Ruse and the project  activities were initiated. Considering the nature of the project HRDA developed it without  remuneration.  

 Project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) comprising of  3 components. HRDA was an associated partner in the first project component and its  responsibilities included research of clothing companies in Ruse and their demand of  skilled workforce and questionnaire surveying of 60 companies in the sector. The second  project component in which HRDA did not participate involved analysis of collected data  and preparation of report to serve the companies’ needs. The third component completed in  2006 by HRDA and BSCSME-Ruse included training of personnel by international experts. 


7000 Ruse, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 896544583  

40A Nikolaevska Str.    


HRDA is a member of the following thematic working groups for development of the Operational  Programmes for the 2014-2020 programming period:  

– To the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria for the development of 2014-2020  Rural Development Programme  

– To the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria for the development of  Operational Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness” 2014-2020  

– To the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Bulgaria for the development of Operational  Programme “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020  

– To the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Bulgaria for the  development of Operational Programme “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020  

HRDA is a member with voting powers in the following Monitoring committees:  

– To the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria – of 2014-2020 Rural Development  Programme  

– To the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria – of Operational Programme  “Innovations and Competitiveness” 2014-2020  

– To the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Bulgaria – of Operational Programme  “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020  


HRDA has advisory status within the Monitoring Committee of Operational Programme “Science  and Education for Smart Growth” 2014-2020 to the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria.